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Free Zine Public Workshop and Anthology Series

FREE ZINE, our ongoing public workshop and Anthology Series, is going strong after receiving it’s first grant from TFG Charitable Supply!


TRIANGLE NONPROFIT PUBLISHING in partnership with CENTRAL ARTS along with several other nonprofits are producing a series of hand bound free public anthologies. Space is limited in each zine, but we’re taking online contributions of art and poetry (or whatever else you can get on the template), and then printing and distributing as many zines as we can ourselves, for free.
If that sounds awesome to you (it is), please try to make it out to participate, or download the template and submit an original contribution, or donate on PayPal today to make future FREE ZINES possible. We’re an all volunteer organization and this is designed as a low cost project, so just $20 can print almost 100 FREE ZINES! Get involved today!
While we can’t afford to mail zines to everyone in the country, we can afford to send out some, so if you’d like a copy of an upcoming FREE ZINE, please drop us a line on our submission page with the appropriate information and we’ll put you on a list to receive one!

This is our new quarter page rip zine template! It’s a little more square and WAAAY cheaper to print! it’s gonna be shown at 50% of it’s actual size, so double your font size if you want it readable! Try to keep solid lines two line widths apart so they don’t bleed together when they get processed through an old copier!

Follow our Facebook and Instagram feeds for details about Zine drops and ongoing free compilation and art creation and workshops around the greater DFW area as well as new zine themes! We run submissions about a month ahead of the holiday themes we base our zines on, so we need Fourth of July stuff by early June, Halloween stuff by mid-September, etc. 

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